Giving back


With every BEBOLD product you purchase, you take part in creating a better future for women around the world. How so? From every product sold, BEBOLD gives back to non-profit that support female education and marginalized women to a better life.



Empowerment ultimately starts with education and investing in education will ensure a better tomorrow. It is therefore imperative to empower women and promote better education. With

better education, women are able to build their self-confidence, a key factor to achieve success and to have the surplus to lift up other women. Purchasing at BEBOLD serves a greater purpose, of empowering women. The opportunities to succeed as a woman is greater than ever, but without support of one another and especially of marginalized women, real change will not happen. However, when coming together, it is like Michelle Obama once said: "Then there is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish.”



From every product sold, a donation is made to one of three non-profits that BEBOLD partners with. You choose the non-profit that resonates with yourself and make the donation choice yourself.



Educate Girls Globally

Educate Girl was founded by Safeena Husain in 2007. Safeena Hussain is a very outspoken advocate for female education and has often appeared on Ted Talks.  Educate Girls aims to tackle issues at the root cause of gender inequality in India’s education system. 

Young Women’s Trust

The Young Women’s Trust is a London-based non-profit that supports disadvantaged young women build up their confidence and find work. Through 6-months coaching programs, YMT helps young women with education, teaching, practical knowledge and moral support to make them better prepared for the workforce.

Junior Achievement Africa 

JA Africa is a non-profit organization that provides young people with the tools and skills they need to be prepared for their professional futures either as entrepreneurs who create jobs for themselves and others or as employees who add value to their employers. JA (Junior Achievement) Africa is a member of JA Worldwide and one of the world’s largest youth-serving NGOs.