What we believe

BEBOLD is a community and brand with one core goal: to empower women in their journey towards success. It is the go-to place where women can find that extra BOLD sparkle that will transform their dreams into achievements.  

Measuring and defining success is a difficult task. Success demands intellect, a strong mindset, commitment and most importantly that you have courage, that you dare to believe in yourself. Through the BEBOLD community, women are offered knowledge, support and fashion items that will make them feel confident and empowered.

Women can seek knowledge on investing, career related issues, such as how to succeed in a corporate environment, on entrepreneurship and much more. Women can find support by connecting with other like-minded, BOLD women. Inspirational stories of bold, ambitious women are shared weekly on BEBOLD. Also, fashion items that will make women feel confident about themselves, created with a core focus on comfort and elegance, are offered on BEBOLD.

Success inevitably starts with education. Therefore, giving back to non-profits that support female education is a core part of the BEBOLD mission. Within the BEBOLD community, the work of non-profits is both promoted and supported through various donation schemes to non-profits, supporting female education. 

BEBOLD was founded by Mathilde Delonca and Nicoline Roth, who met while working in leading media group, Axel Springer in Berlin. Both with a business background and raised with two international mindsets, their core mission is to empower and connect other ambitious, hard working women across borders.