Nina Dzhokhadze, co-founder of NeverNoTJewellery, spoke with us about modernizing the concept of luxury jewellery for an energetic and colourful generation of new consumers. Nina and her co-founders remind us to never not live life fully, and in honour of this mentality, BEBOLD will be unveiling an exciting NeverNoT Bold necklace exclusively for the Bold Women’s Club!


How did NeverNoT get started?

NeverNoT came to life when each of us, after many years of fashion and jewellery experience finally decided on how to translate our passion, and that was to mould it into the precious pieces you see today. We love honouring jewellery, a joyful symbol of escapism, as it is accessible every day to anybody, in many shapes and forms, and for us it is inspired through travel, cultural exploration, the meeting of new people and the creation of meaningful interactions with others. NeverNoT embodies an ‘always on’ philosophy; we believe that jewellery should live its life outside its box, and so should we. We make fine jewellery for the very best occasion; all the time, so as to never not live life fully.


What’s the origin of the NeverNoT co-founding?

We are NeverNoT – three Georgian friends who make jewellery, or as we see it, treasures to be worn always. Our shared culture taught us to not be afraid of expressing our emotions and to never not be passionately involved in everything we love. It didn’t take us long to connect deeply and fully, kick starting our exciting journey of bringing our eye-catching pieces to the world.

Each of us is responsible for different core aspects of our brand – business strategy and development, creative and design, production and sales, so we complement each other perfectly. Even though we live in different countries and travel almost non-stop, we are constantly in communication with each other and we work in fantastic harmony. Whatever we do at work, every single day we have an incredible amount of fun, and we keep each other determined and motivated. It’s so great to be a part of a team that supports each other, even when we can’t physically be there.


What do you bring to the jewellery industry that you believe was not offered to women before?

NeverNoT is fine jewellery designed by women for women. We understand and feel what the current consumer needs, especially in the fine jewellery business.  We aim to combine the traditional values of the jewellery industry of impeccable quality and knowledge, with a new twist of colour and fun! We specifically focused on creating an accessible price point in our jewellery (our highest valued piece retails for £3,000) to ensure that the message and the vibes that we want to spread through our pieces maintains it’s premium quality, but is not out of reach to those who seek it.


How do you empower women through NeverNoT pieces?

Our inspiration is real life.

We want women to feel confident and positive while wearing NeverNoT pieces. We wanted to design jewellery that you can gift to your best friend, to your sister, to your mother and of course to yourself. NeverNoT pieces are so much fun, they’re energetic and feminine, and they are strong statement pieces which we hope will give you confidence and power no matter what.


Which woman / feminist figure would you like to say thank you to for being where you are today?

We really want to thank those who stand by us in our daily lives; our family (by blood or by choice), the jewels behind our jewellery. Every single member of our family is our best friend, mentor and critic. They are our main source of inspiration, especially our mothers.