About Us


Our Mission
BEBOLD is a community with one core goal: to empower women in their journey towards success.
We aim to be the go-to network for women to find the motivation they need to turn their dreams into reality.

Our Founders
Mathilde Delonca and Nicoline Roth met while working at leading media group, Axel Springer, in Berlin.
Both under 30 years old, their entrepreneurial spirit and shared passion for female empowerment led them to start BEBOLD.

Tell us about yourselves?
I’m a lawyer, I was born in Bordeaux and studied at the Sciences Po and HEC in Paris. I’ve never
felt any less worthy than a man in any way because I come from a family of very strong and inspiring
Persian women who’ve been my role models in life. When I noticed that this wasn’t the case for
everyone, I felt that something had to be done and so I’ve dedicated myself to Bebold and our
purpose ever since.
I am from Copenhagen, where I graduated from Copenhagen Business School with a BSc in
International Business and Politics. I love seeing people succeed and I believe that by helping other
women grow their confidence, so many more women will eventually do really well and be happy.
When did you conceive and launch BEBOLD?
Nicoline and I met while we were both working in Berlin at Axel Springer. We got along like a
house on fire and quickly started to plan together for a future business.
We felt so empowered together making achievements every day at work, supporting one another
and testing our strengths.
That feeling of confidence that we got from each other had a positive impact on both of our
personal lives, and it was a feeling we wanted to share with other women.
We started the Bebold Instagram community for that purpose, and it all began to unfold from

Where did Bebold begin?
It’s funny, neither of us are from London, but we decided to plant our roots here. We launched the Bold Women’s Club simultaneously in New York and London here there are so many ambitious and passionate women, it seemed natural!
London is such a central location and a hub for ideas and start ups, so for us, moving here was inspiring in so many ways that we decided to settle here for the time being.
How did Bebold come about and what do you want the company to achieve for women in the future?
Bebold began as an online community that quickly turned into a live network. It all started with the Bold Women’s Club and our book, the Bold Women’s Guide, and we found that the atmosphere of having so many inspirational and influential women in the same community was the best way to drive home that initial feeling of empowerment that drove us to start the company.
We’re very excited for the future because we see the future of Bebold unfolding in line with a global movement of female empowerment and it’s great to be a part of that. We want to continue to provide unique experiences, events and personal development sessions for our members, and expand our reach to other bold cities around the world.
We have Bold City Ambassadors in New York, Miami, Antwerp and Moscow and we have plans to expand as far as our wings can take us. Our mindset is global, so the sky’s the limit.